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just like to thank you for your diligence in researching, the
plus size  directory. I went back to the site a few
days ago and was pleasantly surprised at the  new  content. 
Especially in the Lingerie dept. I have been wanting some nice
lingerie, and  have not found any in a while, especially
in the “larger plus sizes”…super plus! So again
thank you for your site!”

From RSK:
I just
ordered my directory — Fantastic!!  Thanks for making our
lives better!

From Marsha:
Hello and greetings from down under! I live in Sydney, Australia as you can
tell and I just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU ssssoooo much for
this wonderful directory!!!! It is VERY hard here trying to find clothes
that fit as I’m 200lbs and four months pregnant! There aren’t too many
companies that will ship out this way so thank you again!!! I’m truly

From Barbara:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your Directory is fantastic!!! I’m a computer “newbie” &
it would have taken me hours to find just a few of these great resources that you have
provided in such a well-organized format & in one convenient place! No more muu-muus for
me. I may weigh over 400 pounds, but watch out world, here I come!

From Jill:
I can see I’m really going to enjoy using the directory. I had no idea there
were so many places for me to get products and information. Thanks for
bringing a bit of sunshine into my home 🙂



would love to hear your comments
about our directory. Thank you!

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